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The Story of How Paint Yourself Clean Came About…

STRAIGHT Out of Memphis to the WORLD, we are on a mission to help children at a young age, develop good personal hygiene habits for a CLEAN, HEALTHY & SAFE LIFESTYLE. If you are a parent or even a grandparent, then I am sure you can relate to this ‘Getting Your Child to Take A Bath’ dilemma. When our children were much younger, we would often have difficulty getting them to take a bath. Since my husband is a professional artist by trade and training in Memphis and has had the honor of painting the official oil portrait of two Memphis Mayors and a Shelby County Mayor; I, one day, jokingly said while being a little frustrated, "I wish you would paint these children clean in the bathtub."
That statement became the spark for the IDEA of “PAINT YOURSELF CLEAN” and how we could turn BATH-Time into FUN-Time for not only our seven children but for children all around the world. Larry Walker took off from there and started sketching drawings of an artist palette that would contain soap instead of paint and with his uniquely designed art brush, our children could not only play in the tub but could actually get clean at the same time. So, for almost a decade, we have invested time, money and resources into making this product available to the world. I can definitely say that this was one of the times when our faith got tested in pursuing our dream. We were reminded that “If It Is To Be, Then It Is Up To Me.”
We set our minds and efforts to cross the threshold of IDEA (Thought) to REALITY (Actual PRODUCT); we shifted our thinking. We decided in 2019 that we would have ‘PAINT YOURSELF CLEAN’ Personal Hygiene Set on the market in 2020 somehow, even if we had to take every extra penny and invest it in the development of our product. So, Larry and I and even our older children pitched in, and we started purchasing one item of our product package at a time. And then came the PANDEMIC. By March, we had received 60% of what we needed to make this happen in 2020. With the world-wide shutdown came the emphasis on being extra clean and safe, WOW, What a Theme and How About That Timing. I called this GOD’s AMAZING TIMING.. It is true as Dr. Seuss says, “Inch by Inch, It Is An Absolute Cinch.” In this process as we began receiving more of the whole set, we really started to truly BELIEVE that YES, 2020 will be the YEAR that We SEE “PAINT YOURSELF CLEAN.”
Why are we so excited? We’re excited because of the amazing adventure that God has allowed us to go through which has propelled us to this point in time with a Conviction that We Won’t Stop Now. Once you make up your mind, Pray and Take Some Actions, then Trust and Believe God is the SUPPLIER and has all the connections you need. We have patent-pending and trademarks in place; so we are READY to GO and look forward to sharing the rest of this story with you and we move forward. We thank all of our friends and family for your support and encourage you to BELIEVE in YOUR DREAM, Take SOME ACTION and NEVER QUIT until YOU WIN.

Peace & Love, Health & Wealth!
The Walker Family – Larry, Sharonda, Nathan, Akeem, Nzingah, Zakiyah, Zamoni, Zalena, Zaniyah & Ameenah
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